Thinking of what can be done to improve yourself? Though constant steps were taken towards this and ended up again hitting the sack is worse as well as tiring. But believe me, this is the first step towards self-improvement. 

Let me share my top 5 routines with my favorite quote by Robin Sharma,

“Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating.”


We would have all set up the alarm with the thought of waking up early the next day and doing things we planned off and the list continues.

Ufff….. Would have turned the other side and slept tightly as the alarm rings which is as similar as to the voice of our professor’s class.

But, have you felt a little, not little, much more enthusiasm during the day when we wake up early. This is a proven study to rise up early for a mindful day. We can utilize that time for a precious morning routine.


“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.”

Personally, I started by doing regular exercises to make myself fit. But I ended up feeling completely drained. Most probably will. That is not how it should go, however. Start with simpler exercises, 2 reps for each exercise maybe or however we wish.

Go on little by little, as smaller steps are a foundation to your goal. Repeat it daily and see the progress as it is going to elevate our life.


This is my favorite part as I do things which I love. Of course, everyone loves it right?

Do things apart from your usual monotonous routine. Try different activities that keep encouraging us and at the same time with satisfaction.

Doing things we love

I personally like to doodle and have done many arts related to it. I love writing, so I use to always write a letter to my dear ones. I think these are the ways where we can see your potential by ourself and experiment our inner self as well.

Making handmade birthday cards, embroidery, personalized gifts are my way of show casing my talent as well as gifting it to my special ones. Not only it brings a smile on their face but, we would feel satisfied with ourselves.


One of the best ways of self-improvement is maintaining a journal. Recording the events which took place on that day reminds you how well we have spent the day as well as you get to know yourself. It’s a best way of seeing yourself, I guess.

Write the things you are grateful for which, is going to boost your self-esteem as well. Similarly, plan for your day and work accordingly which helps you to do a lot of things rather than from the usual routine.


Spend your day with mindful behavior. Concentrate on everything you step upon. This gives you a satisfaction of work and as well as you can take decisions thoughtfully.

Mindful behavior not only lies in listening to others, even in eating, hearing, watching, and whatever we do so. In this busy life, being mindful is a wonderful way of taking care of your life and health.


“TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE”, is the statement you would have heard a billion times from your parents, lecturers, neighbors, and relatives. In reality, there is nothing called TIME which is gonna wait for us just like the buses which won’t stop while we are scrambling to catch it. 

Now is the time we have to sail our boat. Neither the future nor the past. Jump into the boat and search for things you love to do like reading, watching documentaries, online start-up companies, writing stories, cooking, and so on. Just row on down the sea. Water may flow in; tiredness, sickness. Every little negative vibe that enters plays a major role. It is up to us to choose if we want to make the boat sail or sink. 

Tackling and overcoming these will make us reach the shore. Go where the flow takes you and do productive things that are gonna flourish your talents. Showcase by identifying and building your innate qualities. 

There is something I always believe in: Life is all about its unpredictability. Each person has a life that is unique to the world. Many people struggle in life, whereas others enjoy it. Some reach greater heights, some get lost; some achieve, some fail. However, most people live their life as it is, like a leaf flowing down a river, untouched and free. That is until the strong current sweeps them off course.  

Take the step now and give yourself a pat on your back once in a while for doing things you love.

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