Morning rituals to kick start your day

Every morning decides the day you are going to have as it is an important time as well.

Spend it right; the rest would be right.

I am going to share my top 5 morning rituals that set me for the day.


Once after waking up, plan your day. Prioritize the works and if we can set a time limit for each task. It is not mandatory to set a limit but, you can analyze if you are taking too much time for an irrelevant task.

So setting a planner is a must and helps to stay productive and can utilize our time efficiently.

Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more


Allow yourself to enjoy the warm sunlight on your body as it is rich in Vitamin – D. It is good for our skin and eyes as it is rich in immense qualities. As well as sunlight into the room brightens the ambiance around you and sets up the day.

Taking a walk in the sunlight is one of the best morning rituals. It makes us feel energetic for the rest of the day and stay active while doing the works briskly.


Once the sunlight enters the room it’s time to make the bed. We feel proud though it is predominantly a very small task. Starting the day with it can make us feel good and to do small works after.

As well as getting to bed on time at night is equally important too. Quality sleep at a stipulated time helps you feel physically and mentally fresh.


Hydrating your body right after you wake up is best. Drink an ample amount of water, if you wish add citrus fruits to it. Tastes better and contains vitamins as well.

As a morning routine, it removes the toxins out from the body. Adds a glow to our face and makes skin feel supple.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


Try to avoid screen time in the morning like checking for messages, emails, or any updates. Set it aside and focus on your morning rituals.

Give a rest to the eyes instead of straining them in the morning itself. Use it to hear podcasts maybe or any motivational speeches and so on. Also, do some eye exercises for 15 minutes, and it’s an added advantage for your eyes as well.

To start our day is important but, the key to it is in our hands. Open it correctly by following the steps and make sure you come from the door brightly with flying through colors.

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