Thinking of ways to declutter your mind

Constantly worrying about the repeated problems? Thinking of ways to declutter your mind? Well, you are in the right place. Keeping our surroundings clean is valuable, right? Similarly, organizing your mind often is equally important too.

I am not an expert in it but, I have taken certain measures to tidy up my mind. Allow me to share my ways in it.


Living in the past is one of the worst-case scenarios. First of all, we should draw a line to the past, come to conclusions from it, and should gather experiences.

As long as you beat around the bush, would still feel for the same problem or situation. And would make yourself look bad which is similar to chewing gum over and over again. We should stop worrying and start living in the present. Let yourself free from the past and see the beauty around you. Don’t lock your mind with the incidents that happened before as it cannot be changed. Instead, learn from it, overcome the feelings, and let go of it.

Robin Sharma quote - Don't be a prisoner of the past.


Maintaining and recording the events daily is the best way to know what had happened so far and to feel good about what took place. Once we start writing, would feel light and obviously lessens our mess in the brain.

A thank you journal allows being grateful for what we have done in the meantime. This habit is the best way for self-love. Journal is a worthwhile way of knowing yourself in the future and a productive way to spend each day.


Start spending time on meditation. It is one of the best ways to declutter the mind. At your leisure time, start meditating, feel yourself, be thankful for the good things, come out from the bad happening, give your body and mind peacefulness by being at a rest state.

Feel the ambiance around you and in the end we would feel so relaxed. It helps us to kick start the rest of the day.


Try earing something you like about anything, maybe about self-help or anything which relaxes. For instance, I personally like hearing ROBIN SHARMA’S podcasts.

Try implementing them in your day to day chores. Allow yourself to explore and get to know your worth.


Give yourself a break from your usual routine, get out from it, take a “ME” time.

Enjoy it with nature, listen to the birds chirping, hear the sound of the waves, take a walk in the forest, see the sun and clouds playing hide and seek, watch the stars gazing in the night.

Discover yourself from nature.

Nature gives us an abundance of joy and a calm feel to your mind as well as nurturing our soul.

So, there are many ways to declutter our minds. It is up to us either to live with the baggage or set it aside and reach greater heights.

I have started…

It’s your turn now. Go for it and feel the change.

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